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Somerville Sunset SOLD

Truro Beachscape SOLD

Monadnock in October SOLD


Pond and Mountain SOLD

Beach Glow SOLD

Concord Landscape SOLD


Dublin Lake and Mt. Monadnock SOLD

Dusky Mountains SOLD

View from No-Good Farm SOLD


Sanctuary SOLD

Double Peaks SOLD

Blue, Two SOLD


Pink Hills SOLD

Big Rock SOLD

Through the Trees 2 SOLD

Clouds Over Fields 2 SOLD

Pink Ground SOLD


Up at the Top 6 SOLD

Gold Mine Road 1 SOLD

Misty Trees SOLD

Bend in the River 2 SOLD

Snowy Trees SOLD

Fresh Pond SOLD
Pumpeli SOLD

Mountain Mood

The Red Barn SOLD


Hawaii Blue SOLD

Clouds Over Monadnock SOLD

Volcano Landscape SOLD

High View SOLD

Volcano Landscape SOLD

Hawaii 3 SOLD

Orange Hills Horizontal

Red Landscape

Up At The Top SOLD

Charles Riverbanks SOLD

Charles Riverbanks 2 SOLD

Mount Monadnock SOLD

Up at the Top 4 SOLD

Three Trees SOLD

Pratt Pond Mysterioso SOLD
Burning Tree SOLD

Cypresses SOLD

Dark Sky, Orange Hills SOLD
Pratt Pond Reflections SOLD

Pink House

Vermont Landscape SOLD
Seal Rocks SOLD

Fantasy Houses SOLD

Lollypop Trees
Arboretum SOLD

Tuscany SOLD

Tropical Landscape SOLD
Pink Road SOLD

Snowy Pond SOLD

Orange Hills SOLD
Red Hills SOLD

The White House SOLD

Charles Riverbanks, Small SOLD

Vermont Pool SOLD

Red Rocks SOLD

Clouds Over Fields SOLD

Lake in the Hills SOLD

Davis Square SOLD

Autumn Lake SOLD

Into the Woods SOLD

Misty Mountains

Up At The Top 2

Fantasy Landscape
Orange and Pink

Ocean Rocks 3 SOLD

Charles Riverbanks SOLD

Dublin Pond SOLD

Monadnock Mood SOLD

Mountain View SOLD

Charles River Moonlight SOLD

Passage SOLD

Mt. Monadnock with Clouds SOLD


Peterboro Diner SOLD

Great Meadows SOLD

Icy Pond SOLD


Monadnock from Rosaly's SOLD

Up at the Top 5 SOLD

Road Painting SOLD


Mt. Monadnock, Small SOLD

Through the Trees SOLD

Clouds Over Fields 2 SOLD


River Trees SOLD

Tropical Snow SOLD

Great Meadows 2 SOLD


Lake Through Trees SOLD

Arts & Sciences, Building and Park SOLD


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Pinks (Dianthus) SOLD

Spring Flowers SOLD

Wildflower Bouquet SOLD


Pink Tulips SOLD

Violets SOLD

Mangos & Apples SOLD


Lisianthus SOLD

Roses in Tankard SOLD

Roses in Decanter SOLD


Fruit with Glass SOLD

Melons and Pears SOLD

Blue Bottle, Glass and

Bottles with Hyacinth SOLD

Lillies SOLD

Peonies in Bottle SOLD
Lobster with Hammer SOLD

Flowers in Glass SOLD

Nasturtiums SOLD

Papayas and Roses SOLD

Fish with Lemons SOLD

Four Peckham Pears SOLD

Onions and Bottle SOLD

Glass with Fruit

Pewter Vase with Flowers SOLD

Vase, Yellow Flowers SOLD

Papayas and Glass

Reflections and Fruit

Broccoflower and Zucchini

Dancing Fruit

Reflections with Blue Cup SOLD

Fennel and Eggplant

Bottles and Glass

Vase with Red Flowers

Tomatoes in White Bowl

Hydrangeas SOLD

Vase with Yellow Flowers

The Old Curiosity Shoppe

Red Pitcher, Lemons and Limes SOLD

All that Jazz SOLD

Still Life with
Peppers and Onion

Pears, Apricots and Glass

Pastries and Glass SOLD

Fantasy Tulips SOLD

Zinnias SOLD

Blue Pitcher with Pears SOLD
Reflections with Green Bottle

Yellow Lillies

Reflections with White
Bowl and Fruit
Tulips in Pitcher SOLD

Reflections with Oranges SOLD

Pear Couple SOLD
Papaya and Watermelon SOLD

Breakfast SOLD

Three Green Pears SOLD
Reflections with
Purple Tablecloth

Reflections with Big Banana SOLD

Melons and Glass SOLD
Kohlrabi and Radishes SOLD

Bottle and Pastries

Flowers 1 SOLD
Papayas, Plums, Pears SOLD

Beets and Radishes SOLD

Dahlias SOLD
Bottles with Flowers SOLD

Peonies in White Vase SOLD

Roses in Glass SOLD
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Ladders SOLD

Orange Center

X-tasy SOLD


Red Triangle, Twice Removed SOLD

Yellow Abstract SOLD

Balancing Act SOLD


Little Red SOLD

Big Red SOLD

Windows 4

Serenity SOLD

Blue Vertical 1 SOLD

On the Street Where We Live

Big Windows SOLD

Windows SOLD

Big Blue SOLD
Crescent Rising SOLD

Bottle-Goddess SOLD

Stripes SOLD
Coney Island of My Mind SOLD
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Self Portrait 1

Self Portrait 2

Buddha Head 1 SOLD